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Mar 17, 2013 11:15pm EDT
michelle has to say. to kickstart the seasoning how did you come up with a fascinating and interesting book and where does this interesting name come from? >> i think the genesis of the name is interesting in that when i first got to d.c., it was the lowest performing and most dysfunctional school district in the entire nation to be the was a pretty widely known truth. and so, i started doing things that i thought were obvious for school district in that kind of state and started closing the low performing schools, moving out and effective employees, cutting the central office board of bureaucracy in half and as i was taking all these steps and measures, people started saying she's a radical, she's so controversial i felt really? finally i said you know what if bringing from common sense to a dysfunctional system makes me a radical, then i am okay with that. so that is sort of embracing of that concept is the sort of idea for the name of the book. >> brilliant. some people call you and i. teacher however there are many teachers out there that like you. which is it do you think? teacher's lo
Mar 17, 2013 3:45pm EDT
book "ike and dick." and we conclude tonight's prime time programming at 11:15 eastern with michelle rhee. the former d.c. public schools chancellor writes about education reform in her book, "radical: fighting to put students first." that all happens tonight on c-span2's booktv. >> bethty friedan's "the feminine mystique" was published in 1963. it would play an sweggal role in the second wave of federalism in the united states. a panel discusses the impact of the book 50 years after its publication. this is a little over an hour. >> um, well, first i want to thank the new america foundation for having us. um, i in particular am very honored to be a moderator, because up until now this late date in my career no one has ever found me moderate enough in my views to actually be moderator. [laughter] so i'm really happy to tonight for the first time in my life moderate a panel. and it's, obviously, a great honor to talk about betty free dan's "feminine mystique" on its 50th anniversary and, obviously, it's a book that has put the spark, um, under the culture and really it's that very, ve
Mar 16, 2013 9:15pm EDT
the first online book club meets a the end of the month. watch a video of michele alexander at and read in the jim crow. and on tuesday, march 26 at 9:00 p.m. eastern join us live online at twitter and facebook with your questions and comments on the new jim-crow. and no the results of the state legislature's decision shortly after hurricane katrina to reassign control the majority of enormous public schools to be recoveries school district administered by the state. following a student, teacher, and a principle as they traversed different segments of the educational system. this is about half an hour. >> is great to see some many people out tonight to do such amazing work for kids in new ones. thank you so much for coming. i am just going to talk front-end are 15 minutes or so and then take questions. and if there are some people here tonight you are in the buck , they might be willing to answer your questions during that session as well if you are interested in hearing about what it was like to be part of the process from their vantage points. the other day i wa
Mar 16, 2013 1:00pm EDT
meets at the end of the month. watch video of michelle alexander at and read "the new jim crow" and then on tuesday, march 26th at 9 p.m. eastern, join us live online with your questions and comments on "the new jim crow." >> next, historian hugh howard recounts the war of 1812 from the viewpoint of president james madison and first lady dolly madison. the author examines president madison's decision to declare war, the first president to do so, and the succeeding battles on land and sea as america fought its second war for independence from britain. this is a little under an hour. .. we will ask staff take? maybe. or maybe not. just didn't hold up. or yes. even though hugh howard and i are fast friends and had more than a few beers together over the years and written many chair left side by side while skiing doesn't necessarily follow that i would staff pick his excellent new book. i did it because it is in fact an excellent book. moron that in a moment. hugh howard's book shop working in new york for various publishing houses for ten years. as an architectural historian
Mar 17, 2013 7:30pm EDT
with michelle rhee, the former d.c. public schools chancellor writes about education reform in her book, "radical: fighting to put students first." that's next on c-span2's booktv. >> up next on booktv, alec foege talks about the contributions made to our society by modern-day ben franklins and thomas edisons. this is about an hour, 15 minutes. [applause] >> well, i hope i can live up to the introduction. [laughter] first, i want to say it's a real privilege to give a talk on my book at the westport library because the westport library has been a real innovator in terms of bringing tinkering and the maker culture into the library setting. so it was just sort of a coincidence that brought us together, but it's worked out really great, and thanks to bill derry for helping make this all happen. um, as he mentioned in his introduction, um, you know, my book is a lot -- it's partially about what's going on in tinkering right now in the contemporary world, but it also touches on history. but more specifically, it talks about what the ideas behind being a tinkerer are and what is the mindset o
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5